Safasha Retail Pro

Safasha Retail Pro® is a cloud based/On Premise point of sale application containing all the basic features required for retail management. It is easy to setup and use, fully responsive and easily integrate able with other applications. Sales and Refunds management, Purchase and Debit Note management, Expense Management, Day Open and Closing, Tender declaration, Cashier History, Stock Audit Adjustments, Stock Tracking, Item Barcode/label Printing, Items Promotions, Item/Category and Customer Group based Discounts, VAT accounting and reporting etc. are some of its features. We offer smart and value added solutions to our clients.

Safasha Retail Pro® is a complete retail solution that’s being used by diverse retail segments including bakeries, restaurants, Fast foods, Coffee Shops, Footwear, Retail stores, Book shop, gift items etc.

The direction of our business is based on core philosophy” Providing Smart Solutions”. Customer orientation, building easy to setup and use, efficient and effective smart solutions is our top most priority that give our clients competitive advantage in achieving business growth.

SAFASHA Retail Pro is enriched With Following Core Features

Multiple Stores and Multiple Registers

Multiple stores can be created in case of multiple branches and for one store multiple Registers can be created to manage multiple tills operations for each cashier. Each cashier is responsible for its Register till closing cash.

  • Selection of Multiple Payment Modes on Checkout
  • Fast Item and Customer Creation from sale interphase
  • A complete sales history list Available
  • Refunds History details list available
  • Default Customer Management

Day Open, Day Close and Cash Reconciliation

Safasha Retail Pro allows multiple cash Registers/tills at retail outlets. At each day open “Open Day Cash” is entered for change. At the time of “Day Close” Cashier has to provide tender declaration, on validation Cash reconciliation is done by the system and cash differences are reported.

  • Each cashier is responsible for his own cash. Opening cash can be provided to each cashier at the start of the day
  • Closing Day/Shift shows Opening cash provided, Net Receipts of sales/refunds transactions along with difference of System and Physical Cash.
  • If the physical cash is less than the system cash then cashier will not be able to close the day until reconcile the difference.
  • Each Register wise and Consolidated reports are generated for entire shop/Group
  • Certain transactions like daily expenses, supplier/bills payments etc. will be handled by the shop manager.
  • After day closing the tender declaration is locked and changes cannot be made.
  • Each register wise detailed history will be available.

Sales & Refund Management

The sales and refund process can be completed with minimum clicks, Item advance search (Item Category, Item Barcode, and Item Name) has made item selection very easy.

  • Multiple items selection and Quantity update through barcode scanner
  • VAT calculation based on item and applicable VAT rate
  • Item based discounts entry
  • Refund of specific sale transaction up to the quantity sold in sale transaction
  • Reversal of VAT on refund transactions
  • Add Shipping Charges in case of delivery

Deals/Combo Management

Items that are being sold in the form of package/bundle can be managed easily in this application. User just need to define the package and the management of stock will be done by the system. No need to create assembly/bundle first. This system uses hybrid concept for stock deduction.

  • Create item with the type “Combo”
  • Define combo items with quantity for one unit
  • Costing of combo item will be updated systematically
  • Refund of items based on condition (Good Stock/bad Stock)
  • Ingredients deduction based on stock levels
  • Restrict selling in case of low stock

Recipe Management

Items being sold after manauthat are being sold in the form of can be managed easily in this application. User just need to define the package and the management of stock will be done by the system. No need to create assembly/bundle first. This system uses hybrid concept for stock deduction.

  • Create item with the type “Combo”
  • Define combo items with quantity for one unit
  • Costing of combo item will be updated systematically
  • Refund of items based on condition (Good Stock/bad Stock)
  • Ingredients deduction based on stock levels
  • Restrict selling in case of low stock

Discounts and Promotions

This application provides easy management of Item, Category and customer group based discounts. Items can be sold on promotional prices for a specific season/period.

  • Discount Coupons creation with specific Validity Period
  • Limit the Discount coupons usage as per provided limit
  • Promotions can be applied on item(s) for a specific period
  • Discounts can be applied on specific Item(s) of specific category for period

Complete Barcode Enabled Software

The system allows automated entry of sales, Purchases, Stock audit adjustment etc. and transfer of different products through barcode reader. However manual entry is also possible. This ensures the integrity of data and reduces the chances of manual errors.

  • Barcodes can be generated from the system
  • Sales, Purchases, debit note, stock adjustments are through barcode reader
  • Physical audits through barcodes readers
  • Support of Hand Held Scanners (data collectors) throughout system

Designing and Printing of Barcode

This application provides the facility to select the specific barcode type for barcode designing and printing.

  • Visual interface is available for designing of barcodes from the system
  • Select the category, item and quantity to print the barcodes
  • Management of fonts, sizes, logos on the barcode

Communication Module (SMS, Email)

Invoices can be configured to send to the customers

  • System can generate SMS when invoice is made at POS
  • System generated SMS can be configured for different activities and transactions

Purchase & Debit Note

The new items purchased are recorded through “Add Bills” form. Items entry made easy using barcode scanner, easy search for manual item selection. Auto item cost price update from the add bill form in case of change of price.

  • Barcode scanner selection of items
  • Discounts implemented on purchase of items
  • VAT compliance on Purchases
  • Categories group based purchase and reports
  • Debit notes preparation in case of return/exchange of an item
  • VAT reversal on Debit Note preparation

Inventory Management

Inventory management and control is easy to manage now. Entry of opening stock, Stock audit adjustments and negative stock tracking is possible in Safasha Retail Pro.

  • Multiple unit of measurement (UOM) management for each item
  • Management and tracking of available stock while starting new business i.e. opening stock
  • Adjustment of Stock in case item damages, shortage/excess of stock in stock audit count process
  • Easy entry of new items through “Import of items”
  • Items Categorizations based on Departments
  • Items categorization in Categories and Sub-categories
  • Negative stock management and control
  • Tracking of items reaching re-order level
  • Weighted average costing Method

Tax Management & Reporting

Safasha Retail Pro® provides comprehensive tax management functionality. Input Tax and output tax management is very easy on sales and purchases transactions respectively.

  • Multiple taxes can be created with respect to transaction type (Sale/Purchase)
  • Tax can be setup for each product separately
  • Product prices can be displayed with either inclusive or exclusive of tax
  • Tax is calculated in sale and purchase transactions in case of item based discounts
  • Tax reporting is available for Input and Output tax
  • Transaction type is selected while creating a tax

Employees Management

  • Creation of Employees with specific Role/Profile
  • Register Employee as a user
  • Blocking a user when left the organization
  • Access based on rights and with unique credentials

Customers Management

  • Creation and update of Customers
  • Can select a default customer for Walk in customer on point of sale
  • Customer Groups Management
  • Discounts based on Specific Customer Groups


  • Creation and update of Suppliers for purchase of items/services
  • Suppliers group creation to track item purchase

User Roles Management/ User Access Management

This application is secure and only authorized users can access and operate the system. All the activities of users are logged and history saved for any future use.

  • All users who are assigned a Role, get the rights associated with that role.
  • User’s history reports are available for reference in case of change of any transaction.
  • User can directly login in, into the store he/she is allocated
  • User can choose the theme for his profile.

Touch Screen for POS Operations

POS can be operated easily using touch screen. It is fully responsive and can easily be operated using any type of device.

  • All numeric entries can be done through touch key pad on the screen
  • On screen Calculators can be enabled on POS screen


  • Item stock on hand report
  • Item Reaching Reorder level report
  • Purchase return report
  • Sale return report
  • Purchase report
  • Sales report
  • Detailed sales report
  • Best sales report
  • Daily sales report
  • Items profitability report
  • Item Ledger Report
  • Customer Ledger Report
  • Vendor Ledger Report
  • Annual sales report
  • Cashiers performance
  • Customer’s statistics

Benefits of Safasha:

Safasha eliminates repetitive process and greatly reduce the need to manually enter information. Instead of having data distributed throughout number of separate databases, all information is now stored in your single location from where you can access easily. The system keeps the data up to date and streamlines business process, and makes it easier and more efficient for you to collect data.

By entering accurate and real-time information Safasha reduces your administrative and operations costs. It allows you to proactively manage your operations, prevent disruptions and delays, and helps users make decisions more quickly.

From smaller local retail operations to larger multi-national retail operations, Safasha Retail Pro is specifically designed to give you greater control and insight to independent specialty retailers. Safasha Retail Pro is a highly customizable software package is not bound by limitations of stores and users, you will receive the functionality and features you need to support multiple languages, currencies, and country-specific tax structure all within a single software system.

Data security is not a problem when you have Safasha ERP in place. The system will improve the accuracy, consistency, and security of data, all through built-in resources and firewalls. Restrictions to data can also be enhanced by your managers, so you can make your Safasha as secure as you would like.

Safasha ERP gives you, and specially your managers, the tools they need to create more accurate forecast. Safasha is not one-size-fits-all proposition but can be tailored to unique needs of your business. The software can adapt ever changing needs of business, ensuring you won’t have to buy a new solution once your needs change or your business grows.

The software makes reporting to management easier and customizable. With improved reporting capabilities, your company can respond to complex data request more easily. You can also run your own reports without relying on help from IT, saving your time to use towards other projects.