Safasha ERP


SAFASHA SOLUTIONS is a hybrid ERP software that operates as a fully ERP software in one way and as a Retail Pro in other way.

SAFASHA SOLUTION implementation offers all Modules that an enterprise may expect in any advanced ERP system. In default version, fully comprehensive 6 Modules namely i). HRM Module, ii). Operations Management Module, iii). Inventory Management Module, iv). Budget Planning Module, v). Payroll Module, vi). CRM Module are embedded. Although all these Modules are enriched with basic to advanced features to entertain the wide range of users, but, uniquely, all these modules are kept customizable as per user’s needs and requirements in order to make users fully satisfied and making SAFASHA SOLUTION is one window system.

Next stand-alone feature embedded in SAFASHA SOLUTIONS is a Retail Pro feature. Enterprises may have central control over variety of function of its retail department. This fully enriched retail module helps to manage shipments, inventory, cash flows, customers & vendors balances, POS, barcode database, pending orders, levels of safety stock, invoicing, recording in accounts and other related multi-dimensional functions.

It specifically designed for all level of users. Expertise, experience or any kind of fundamental knowledge is not necessary to operate this software. It is user-friendly and easy to operate. Our technical team provide online real-based training that may last for one week. Additional to this, users may have life time free support from our fully dedicated staff 24/6.

NOTE: SAFASHA SOLUTIONS is fully upgraded and ready to use to cater all technicalities of Value Added Tax (VAT) system. It further helps in filing periodic tax returns and sales reports.


ERP Implementation

For every business there are many keys of success, one the most important is your staff. Safasha help you manage your employees in right way and offer them the information and system they need to do their jobs, you could see business running smoothly and profits on rise.

Our Operations Management Module helps you ensure superior business process in the areas of quality systems management, labor management, work in process (WIP), maintenance operations and data collection. Due to implementation of this module, you can be able to reduce your running cost at the lowest level through avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Inventory management is a critical component in Safasha Solution that can help you to manage your retail locations and warehouse. Safasha help you to have a proper reporting mechanism of inventory in your store and warehouse. This helps manufacturing department in planning their future production schedules accordingly. Our system enables the most efficient stockings for your inventory.

Since the 1960s, ERP systems are used to gather, store and organize data arising from several activities in an organization. Based on this philosophy, Budget planning is the core module of Safasha. As we previously mentioned, how Safasha help in inventory budgeting. Like this activity, you can also forecast the future admin and selling expenses from employee’s salary to advertisement expenses. This can help you in better future planning of your resources.

Our payroll is defined as a method of administrating employees’ salaries in the organization. The process includes calculation of salaries and tax deductions of the employees. Payroll is the most cumbersome and time consuming daily activity. It does not generate direct revenues, so Safasha keep this process to bare minimum in time and cost means savings and more efficiency to your business.

To ensure the growth of business, organization should have better customer management skill. The main focus of CRM module is to help ensure that customer needs are met in a timely and efficient manner, so that customer satisfaction is maintained a high level throughout the organization and with every customer interaction, and so the company’s revenue and profitability goals are able to be met or exceeded. By having CRM integrated with Safasha, it is possible to gain and maintain a 360-degree view of your company’s customers and to support analysis which helps identify your most important and profitable customers, as well as less profitable and costly ones.

Other than these modules, we understand that each organization might have different needs based on industry and environment in which it is working. So, we provide many modules which helps to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of business from mapping the business operations to E-commerce and social media management.