Organizational restructuring

Organizational restructuring may involve increasing or decreasing the layers of manpower between the top and the bottom of an organization, or reassigning roles and responsibilities. The objective of restructuring is to align organizational structure with business strategy. The process optimizes and improves corporate governance, management systems, business process efficiencies and human resource performance, upgrades cost and operational efficiency. We provide a full range of restructuring services and solutions that range from initial organizational diagnosis and performance assessments to the realization of business process re-engineering.

We conduct a series of detailed assessments and identify the areas that require change and recommend a plan of action that facilitates perpetual growth.

We assess existing processes to determine the impact of change on the business entity which will define the gaps in the existing structure and make changes effective. After that, we Assign and align organization components and develop and execute a change management plan to define the drivers of the intended structural change and its overall impact on the business. We work in very close cooperation with our clients and implement our services through a predetermined and agreed change management process.

We provide comprehensive re-structuring process services including the following:

  • Management system restructuring
  • Operation restructuring
  • Business process restructuring
  • Sales and services process restructuring
  • Organizational and HR policy restructuring