Inventory valuation

We are committed to provide our services for identification of internal control weakness relating to the inventory management which could hamper the cash-flows of the business entities. Further, we also provide inventory valuation service with a wide range of inventories. The analysis of our inventory experts will be tailored to the needs of the business entities. We conduct inventory appraisal for any type of inventory and at any level of trade. Our appraisal report will provide a usable resource which can be used for well-informed risk management decisions.

We serve the needs of financial institutions, asset-based lenders, investors and other professional organizations. The lenders may require the appraisal of inventory on annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis.

Our valuation services will be in accordance with the International Accounting Standards and GAAPs whichever is applicable in the particular jurisdiction. We will help management to determine the best policy in accordance to the behavior of the inventory stock in and stock out from one of the following approaches:

  • First in First out (FIFO)
  • Weighted Average Cost

We work with clients from an individual person to a large business entity. We provide our services to broad range of industries including:

  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers (Raw material, Work in process, finished goods, packing material, slow moving & obsolete inventory and scrap)
  • Importers

The standard deliverable of our appraisal includes:

  • Correct determination of the market value of the inventory
  • Ageing of inventory
  • Product wise report of damaged inventory (if any)
  • Monitoring points which would affect the ongoing valuation of inventory
  • Comparison of seasonal inventory with seasonal sales (if any)
  • Identification of slow moving inventory
  • Internal controls of inventory management and suggestions on improvements of internal controls
  • An analysis on the reporting capabilities of the organization
  • Discussion on the company costing methodologies
  • Product wise determination of the breakeven value of the sales
  • Analysis of the internal controls at the time of receipt and distribution of inventory
  • Evaluation of the discount policy and return policy and its effect on the inventory and profitability margin
  • Determination of net realizable value of the stock and the adjustments required (if any) in case the current sales prices are less than the stock price.