HR services

Our firm is engaged in providing the HR services to its prestigious clients globally. We understand the increasingly complex and ever-changing business environments. Our methods are thorough and impeccable as we shoulder the entire burden while the client can comfortably focus on the strategic side of their business. We closely follow the latest market trends and adopt state-of-the-art tools and methodologies in order to provide premier HR services to our clients. We adhere to best practices for every service offered and combine the most effective of the traditional and modern services to ensure successful delivery.

Recruitment Services:

Recruitment or headhunting is not about sorting resumes and simply pushing the right candidates to concerned companies. We believe that it is essential to track the people behind those resumes, understand their capabilities, hopes and aspirations and connect them to the right companies. Only then can the individual and the organization achieve their respective goals and objectives. We maintain a complete data bank of the candidates/professional people of different industries and institutes. We focus on each profile individually and prefer to understand the requirement and disposition of every individual in order to connect him or her to the right organization.

We undertake all aspects of job recruitment services cycles including the following:

  • Understand the job requirements
  • Match profiles with the job requirements
  • Screen applicants
  • Conduct interviews
  • Referral checks
  • Submit shortlisted candidates’ profiles
  • Schedule interview with applicants
  • Package negotiation
  • Facilitate closure resulting in appointment

HR Policies and Job Descriptions:

A well-written HR policy will reduce the conflict among employees as well as help the higher officials in the organization to take correct decisions based on the official rules and regulations. With our firm, the HR policies provide guidelines on employer-employee interaction, behavior, appropriate work behaviors, work schedules, employment laws, conflict resolution, disciplinary measures and health and safety measures. These policies and procedures are what provide foundation and structure to any organization.

Why Develop HR policies with us?

  • Help employees and employers run the organization in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Help take human resource decisions, make and manage policies and HR guidelines for the employees of the organization to follow.
  • Documenting all organizational policies and procedures, rules, regulations, communicating the same to the employees.
  • Saves countless hours of productive time and funds.
  • Defines management HR standards for making decisions on various organizational as well as personal issues.
  • Protect the legal interest of the company as well as define the legal obligations of the employees towards the organization.

Our professionals will help you to provide support in customizing, communicating and implementing the policies to suit your unique culture and business needs.

Payroll Services:

We provide payroll processing outsourcing services to our corporate clients. We undertake entire process of payroll processing; all related legal compliance and it includes:

  • Payroll Registers as per legal requirement
  • Employees pay-slip to their e-mail ID
  • Login ID for Individual employees to see their folder with details of salary Slip, Tax computation, Leave record, Provident Fund Contribution, Investment reimbursements, Incentive payment details etc.
  • Employees taxation
  • All applicable statutory records maintenance