Debt & financing services

When most people hear the terms “debt restructuring” and “financing services,” they think of businesses or individuals on the border of bankruptcy and looking to dig out of a financial disaster. In most of the instances this can be accurate but there are many other instances where business entities or individuals take financing services to improve cash flows or to invest in any new project.

We offer complete experienced, responsive debt and financial counseling services, including installment, debt consolidation, refinancing and restructuring. We provide sensible and sensitive budgeting and planning assistance, working with you to design an achievable road map to a healthier financial future.

We structure and place various structured financing including sub-ordinated loans and equity products for borrowers with varying credit quality and sizes. We assist both the financial sponsors and borrows to address the financing needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We have established professional relationship with financial institutions. In this regard, we will examine the existing financial condition of business and after that present the case with lenders including the financial institutions and negotiate for reasonable and manageable payment terms.

We will perform a comprehensive financial analysis of your company or individual business, and use business financial planning to determine the appropriate type and amount of commercial debt that your business will be able to support given its cash flow, leverage, working capital needs and history.

We will prepare a detailed and professional business plan of the business, highlighting the history of the business, operations, growth prospects and financial overview. We will evaluate all financing alternatives and assist with information required by financial institutions.